(Review) Weight Destroyer Program By Michael Wren

weight destroyer program ebook by michael wrenThe Weight Destroyer Program by Michael Wren is a downloadable ebook (PDF) that details a unique “thermogenic” weight loss method for shedding stubborn body fat, reducing the risk of disease, and reversing the effects of aging.

The following Weight Destroyer Program review examines the scientific basis for the book and provides pertinent program details for men and women seeking a new and all-natural way to achieve significant weight loss without pills, calorie counting, restrictive diets, or insane workouts.

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Is The Weight Destroyer Program The Answer To Bulging Waistlines And Dieting Induced Weight Gain?

Figures vary wildly, but the number of people currently on diets in the United States is estimated to be up to 100 million people, most of who will typically make four or five separate attempts to lose weight each year.

Albert Einstein once said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity. Sadly, that very definition appears to apply to conventional dieting with research now concluding that the more people engage in dieting, the more they gain weight in the long-term. Scientists call it “dieting-induced weight-gain”.

Michael Wren, the creator of a new program called Weight Destroyer claims to have perfected an unconventional system that allows people to lose weight in a natural, healthy, and efficient manner that is much more effective than mainstream diets.


Obesity is an epidemic and old ways of dieting are only making things worse.

Conventional diets typically help people lose weight quickly, but the weight loss is often put back on just as quickly, in part because these types of diets are almost impossible to stick to in the long-term.

Michael Wren’s Weight Destroyer Program claims to have unlocked the secret to breaking the vicious cycle affecting dieters which allows individuals to experience a total physical transformation without prescription medications, restrictive diets, calorie counting, or over-priced and ineffective weight loss products.

Many who have experienced the frustration and devastation of rebound weight-gain after trying a multitude of diets without success would no doubt view such bold claims with caution. It is for this reason that this review provides a critical analysis of the Weight Destroyer Program to ascertain if it really may be the answer to the prayers of millions, or merely another false prophet.

By looking beyond the marketing spin and reviewing Weight Destroyer in-depth, together with the scientific research underpinning the program and weight loss in general, it is hoped that potential consumers will be able to make an informed decision on whether it may be the long-awaited answer they have been looking for.

With that, let’s dive right into this Weight Destroyer Program review, starting first with the man behind the book.

Who Is Michael Wren, Author Of The Weight Destroyer Program?

The Weight Destroyer Program is the brainchild of Michael Wren. After suffering a heart attack and requiring emergency bypass surgery in his early 50’s, specialists believed Wren would have only 6 months to live.

However, a chance conversation with his nephew, a medical researcher with a doctorate in biology, revealed to Wren many of the myths of traditional dieting and a scientific theory which suggested there was an alternative option available to him to not only lose weight, but to also improve his general health and prognosis as well.

In desperation, Wren teamed with his nephew to develop a program that was ultimately successful in saving his life and which subsequently led to the creation of the Weight Destroyer Program. The program is billed as an entirely natural system designed for individuals to lose weight, significantly lower their risk for major diseases (like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes), and reverse the effects of aging on a cellular level.

What Does The Science Say?

Before delving into the science behind the Weight Destroyer Program, it is worth briefly examining traditional dieting techniques and the reason why they are largely ineffective.

The conventional dieting process is essentially a form of starvation which is brought about through:

  • cutting down on foods high in sugar
  • eating smaller portions of food
  • using low calorie and/or reduced sugar foods and beverages
  • eating fewer calories
  • burning more calories through exercise

The problem with these methods is that the body doesn’t understand it is on a diet. It goes instead into survival mode, slows down the body’s metabolism, and increases fat storage to protect itself against possible starvation.

In other words, by dieting via traditional means, you force your body to do everything you don’t want it to do in order to achieve long-term and permanent weight loss.

In the absence of food, cravings escalate and with each new diet, the body learns to adapt and resist traditional dieting techniques. This is why many experience rebound weight gain and why dieters often find it difficult to maintain a weight loss program for any extended period of time.

At the core of the Weight Destroyer Program is the controlling of the body’s metabolism by increasing the core temperature of the body via a proper diet, the right amount of exercise, and correct levels of hydration.

A significant body of scientific research and studies have conclusively proven that a rise in temperature is associated with an increase in metabolic rate. It has been calculated that for each degree Celsius rise in temperature, metabolism is increased by a rate of 10-13% which in turn leads to a natural increase in calories burned.

Further research has shown that those people who are overweight and obese typically have a lower core temperature which lowers their metabolism and the ability to burn calories and fat. This is another factor which adds to the difficulties faced by those who are overweight and obese when trying to lose weight under traditional dieting programs.

A new clinical study by researchers at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland (published in leading journal – Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise) looked at the effects of exercise in cold temperatures and food intake in overweight adults. Researchers discovered that those subjects exercising with a higher core body temperature burned more calories than those with lower body temperatures.

This latest study again supports the notion that body temperature influences the body’s metabolism and that a higher core body temperature promotes increased burning of calories and fat. It is clear from a review of the scientific studies, research, and clinical trials that the foundation of the Weight Destroyer Program is sound and can lead to increased metabolism and increased weight loss.

The scientific studies, research, and clinical trials are all referred to extensively and are available online.

What’s Included In The Weight Destroyer Program?

Michael Wren has devised a step-by-step, easy to understand program which is designed to give individuals all the necessary information to lose weight naturally.

The program is a 119 page PDF formatted eBook which:

– Provides a detailed and easy to understand summary of metabolism, its link with weight and physical activity, and an introduction to the Body Mass Index as a measurement tool in calculating a person’s weight category.

– Summarizes the extent of the obesity problem and provides an informative, easy to read description of the role and importance of digestion, the immune system, and metabolism in not only weight loss, but also in warding off disease and maintaining good health as well.

-Highlights the advantages and disadvantages of a number of the more commonly popular conventional diets, explains the health implications of yo-yo dieting, and why traditional diets are typically ineffective.

– Explains the importance and role of Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats and a particular combination of nutrients in weight loss and general health.

– Details the particular foods that assist in boosting metabolism and core body temperature, gives information on how much to eat, details the pitfalls of the usual calorie counting approach in traditional diets, and lists those foods which should be avoided.

-Provides a step-by-step detailed meal schedule called the 30 Day Kick Start Plan which helps catalyze weight loss and gives tips on special tricks to increase metabolism via particular foods. All of the recipes for meals contained in the schedule are provided.

– Shows how individuals can test their own metabolism and pH levels in order to guide them in the right direction for meal planning and the prevention of illness and disease.

– Gives an in-depth explanation of the importance of hydration to losing weight while debunking one of the more common myths surrounding hydration.

– Covers in great detail the adverse impact traditional weight loss exercise programs can have on metabolism and general health while stressing the importance of an active lifestyle and exactly how that can be achieved to maximize weight loss.

– Explains the role stress and emotional well-being plays in general health and weight loss and provides a number of simple tips that can be utilized to reduce stress and increase emotional happiness.

Use It To Lose It – Why Choose The Weight Destroyer Program?

– The Weight Destroyer Program is a comprehensive and entirely natural approach to weight loss and the improvement of general health and well-being. It is simple in its design, logical, and easy to implement.

– Mainstream weight loss programs and diets cause shock and trauma to an individual’s metabolism and therefore the food consumed is converted and stored as fat instead of energy to be burned. The Weight Destroyer Program instead focuses on achieving a balanced metabolism that includes a wide range of nutrient diverse foods that help with cellular absorption. Above all it promotes good health which is a key not only to weight loss but also to the ability to keep it off permanently.

– Unlike many diets, this program is not a one-size-fits-all approach to weight-loss. It provides users with the tools required to monitor their metabolic rate and internal health in order to make any adjustments to their own individual dietary requirements. The 30 Day Kick Start Plan is designed for user’s to lose weight and improve health within a month. Many users have reported permanent weight loss within 14 days of the start of the Weight Destroyer Program.

– There are no medications or supplements that need to be taken nor is there any need for calorie- counting/food deprivation or strict exercise programs which can typically cause users difficulty maintaining weight loss longer-term. The foods recommended in the Weight Destroyer Program can be incorporated into a user’s existing diet and there is great flexibility and freedom to change the program to take into account their weight loss goals or individual circumstances.

– The program itself is affordable and the recommended foods are all inexpensive and commonly available. There are no monthly subscription or membership fees to pay. Similarly there are no expensive supplements or gym memberships that need to be bought in order for user’s to achieve their weight loss goals. There is a simply a one-off payment for the program itself.

– It is available for instant download and can be accessed via any computer, mobile phone, or tablet and comes with a complimentary bonus 89 page eBook containing additional recipes that can be used in the program. The complimentary bonus allows for a great deal of variety when planning meals and also ensures that anyone who suffers from food allergies can choose from a wide-range of substitutes.

– The Weight Destroyer Program comes with a no-risk, 60-day money back guarantee so, if for any reason, the program is not suitable for any individual, a full refund can be obtained immediately.

Balancing The Scales – Things To Consider Prior To Using Weight Destroyer

– As with any diet, self-discipline, focus, and self-motivation are required in order to obtain the best results. Unfortunately there is no magic-pill that will result in the pounds disappearing overnight. If a person is not used to home cooking or scheduled meals the program may be challenging in the beginning.

– While users can expect to achieve weight loss within 30 days from starting the Weight Destroyer Program, results may vary depending on an individual’s personal circumstances. There are many people who are overweight or obese who suffer from associated medical conditions, such as diabetes, which may influence the speed and degree to which weight loss is experienced. The 60 day money-back guarantee does however give users ample opportunity to assess the program over an extended period of time.

– Notwithstanding that the Weight Destroyer Program is designed to complement any existing diet or medical treatments a person may be receiving, before implementing any major changes to an individual’s diet or exercise regime, advice should be sought from a healthcare professional.

The Dawn Of A New Era In Weight Loss Diets

Technological advances over recent centuries have seen an increase in the food supply for many of the world’s population. Coupled with improved medical services, the increased availability and quality of food has seen average life expectancies continue to grow.

Unfortunately what have also grown are the waistlines of many in the population. And the problem is only getting worse.

The health implications of being overweight and obese are well-known. The number of cases of type II diabetes alone has exploded in recent decades. With this knowledge has come a greater effort by individuals to try and address the issue through weight loss programs, exercise, and diets.

Despite the thousands of weight loss programs, diets, and exercise programs available, the number of overweight and obese people in communities worldwide is increasing. Conventional, mainstream diets are largely ineffectual and do not work for the majority of people in the long-term.

example of weight loss using the weight destroyer program

Is this the year you finally win the battle of the bulge and take back your life with the help of Weight Destroyer?

The Weight Destroyer Program marks a new era of weight loss diets. It’s an effective, all-natural weight loss program that is based on scientific theory and research which has found a unique method that not only promotes weight loss, but improved general health and well-being as well.

There are no calories to count, no food deprivation, no intense workout programs, and no medication or supplements to take. It encourages individuals to eat from a wide variety of selected foods to promote balance in the body’s metabolism and general health.

Doing the same thing over and over again will only lead to the same results. To anyone who has experienced the deflating and demoralizing feeling of being unable to lose weight (or keep the weight off) after trying traditional diets, you have nothing to lose by trying something completely different. What Michael Wren ultimately got back was his life, and it’s his hope that his Weight Destroyer Program can help you get your life back as well.

The Weight Destroyer Program provides simple techniques that allow individuals to lose weight naturally and thermogenically while simultaneously improving overall health and reducing the risk of disease. There is nothing to lose, except the pounds, and that’s exciting news for anyone who has ever struggled with weight gain.

Where To Learn More

(program is available in digital format as a downloadable PDF ebook)
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