(Review) Language Of Desire By Felicity Keith And Michael Fiore

language of desire ebookThe Language Of Desire by Felicity Keith and Michael Fiore is an online relationship training course and downloadable ebook (PDF) that details a unique “brain arousal” method for keeping a man interested, erotically stimulated, emotionally addicted, physically turned on, and deeply committed through dirty talk and a deep understanding of the sexual psychology of men.

The following Language of Desire review examines the scientific basis for the book and provides pertinent program details for women seeking to take charge of their own sexuality without feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or awkward while exposing themselves to a whole new world of intimacy, connection, passion, and pleasure with their man.

Those wishing to learn more about the Language of Desire should click here to watch Felicity Keith’s video presentation or click here to visit the text-based website directly. Additional information is also available through the other links found throughout this review.

What Is The Role Of Dirty Talk And Sexual Expression In Our Relationships?

The notion that men and women speak a different language is well-worn in regards to personal relationships.  It’s also something which is not limited to communication.

Our needs, expectations, and fantasies will not always coincide with those of our partner.  These differences can have implications both inside and outside of the bedroom.

The ability to foster long-term intimacy and passion in a marriage or relationship can be hard at times.  We aren’t born with the necessary skills to foster intimacy and passion any more than we’re born with the ability to speak and recite the alphabet.  They are learned skills and ones that we continue to develop during our lifetime.

Sexual expression is one aspect which can be neglected by couples and the role of sex in a relationship can often become something of a forbidden topic. Many of us fear telling our partners exactly what we want for fear of rejection or being judged negatively.

language of desire screenshot

The Language of Desire official website.

A new relationship program called The Language Of Desire: Dirty Words To Make Him Yours has been created with the aim of giving women the tools they need to not only be confident in owning and expressing their own sexuality, but to also tap into the sexual psychology of their man, forge a stronger physical and emotional relationship with him, and become the sole focus of his desires.

Sound too good to be true?

Well the claims by the creator of the Language of Desire, Felicity Keith, certainly sound promising, but whether all these things can genuinely be achieved from one program alone is another question altogether.

We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to provide an in-depth review of the contents of this program and its author.  We also examine whether there is any foundation to what the author claims can be achieved from this program with the ultimate aim to help those of you who may be wondering whether the Language Of Desire ebook and online training portal is the right solution for you.

Who Is Language Of Desire Author, Felicity Keith?

Language of Desire author Felicity Keith

Felicity Keith, author of The Language of Desire

The Language of Desire program was authored by Felicity Keith who, after spending years on the dating merry-go-round (and years of trial and error), discovered how to embrace her sexuality through dirty talk without compromising her integrity and managed to crack the code to the inner workings of the erotic minds of men. Felicity now teaches women how to unleash their sexuality on their terms and enjoy the love they richly deserve.

Felicity’s experiences and research formed the basis of the transformation of her own love-life and the success she and her friends achieved from the program convinced her to publish the Language of Desire to share with all women her secrets to spicing up their love life and achieving the type of intimacy with their men which many would not dare think was possible.

To get the word out fast, Felicity teamed up with well-known relationship expert Michael Fiore (author of best-sellers like Text The Romance Back, Text Your Ex Back, and The Secret Survey) who assisted her with marketing and released the Language of Desire through his well-established relationship publication company, Digital Romance, Inc.

What Is The Language of Desire Program & How Does It Work?

You could be forgiven for thinking, at first glance, that the program is solely designed to show you how to express yourself sexually in the bedroom (i.e. “dirty talk”).  But the  Language of Desire PDF is actually an all-inclusive relationship guide created to teach you how to unlock the secrets to your man’s sexual psyche, as well as your own.

The techniques and methods Felicity Keith teaches are varied, but largely focus on the concept that the largest sexual organ is the brain. Most women can relate to such a concept, but it is common to overlook the role the brain plays with men in terms of their emotional connection with women and sex. A recurring theme in the program is the importance in any intimate relationship for sexual expression and communication.

man and woman talking during sex

Studies show couples who talk during sex have more fulfilling relationships.

According to a study undertaken by researchers at Cleveland State University, those individuals who are at ease with talking about sex are more sexually satisfied, particularly when they talk during the act itself. The study, published in the international peer-reviewed Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that feeling apprehensive in talking about sex can kill the joy of having it. They found that not only is communicating during sex linked to more sexual satisfaction, but so too is telling your partner what turns you on and demonstrating it non-verbally.

An earlier study also published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that it’s also important to share your sexual needs and desires with a partner outside of the bedroom. Researchers found that couples discussing sex and their sexual needs outside of the bedroom contributed to greater relationship satisfaction, which in turn led to greater sexual satisfaction.

While a lot of the findings from researchers might sound like common sense, it is reassuring to know that not only is talking about sex and being able to express yourself sexually inside and outside of the bedroom important for women, but also for men as well.

This is a large part of what Felicity Keith focuses on in the Language of Desire download and what ultimately makes it effective in developing not only a more intimate and passionate sexual relationship, but an emotional one as well.

You can therefore take a lot of comfort in the fact that the principles and techniques taught in the program are backed by real-life research and are proven to be successful.

What Is Included In The Program?

language of desire members area screenshot

Language of Desire preview: a look at the dashboard inside the member’s area. (Click to enlarge)

For the purpose of this Language of Desire review, the program can best be described as a step-by-step online course containing 10 separate modules which are made up of mp3 audio and PDF files. The content can be read directly online through the Language of Desire Dashboard (member’s area) or downloaded to your computer or other compatible device such as a tablet or smartphone.

Each module is organized into between three and five subsections and also includes a series of worksheets which help users take the information and techniques from the course and transfer them to their own relationships and unique life situation.

The following is a brief summary of the contents of each module:

Module One – Introduction – provides some background about Felicity Keith and the experiences which led her to writing the program.

Module 2 – Become A Sexual Superwoman – this section focuses on specific techniques that can help women who are reserved and self-conscious begin to embrace their sensuality and express themselves with their partner to spice up their sex lives.  It also teaches women how to discover their “Madonna Moan”.

Module 3 – Loving Man’s Best Friend – explains how a man’s sex drive is different than that of a woman’s, the importance a man places on his “manhood” and provides an insight into some of the common misconceptions women have about pornography and how you can use it to your advantage.  It also teaches the Porn Destroyer technique.

Module 4 – Brain Chemistry and Sex – explains in easy-to-understand detail, the role dopamine and oxytocin play in our sex lives and introduces techniques such as the Cuddle Hormone technique, Pavlov’s Erection technique, and Sexual Singularity that you can use to arouse your man and improve your emotional connection with the power of words.

Module 5 – Erotic Action Movie Technique – as the name of the module suggests, Felicity introduces a technique which is designed to trigger your man’s sexual confidence and desire for you through writing a movie script starring the two of you. A number of examples are provided to assist in how this technique can be adapted to your own relationship.

Module 6 – Desire Intensifiers – this section includes a number of simple approaches and methods you can use to build the sexual tension in your relationship and re-introduce fun, joy, and passion into your sex life.  It includes examples like the Tease Intensifier, the Oral Intensifier, and Verbal Viagra.

Module 7 – Upgrade Your Relationship Status – Felicity focuses on assisting those women who aren’t in a long-term relationship and goes into detail on how to avoid some of the common missteps that women often experience after first meeting a man and in the early stages of a relationship. She also provides a number of techniques you can use to further your relationship with a man (such as the Monogamous Male Maximizer for getting a man to commit) and reveals how to go from friend-zone to fantasy girl.

Module 8 – Getting Your Fantasies Met – describes in detail a number of ideas and methods you can use, both directly and subtly, that will plant “seeds” in your man’s mind so that he will make your desires come true.  Language of Desire examples and techniques found in this module include the Lust Mirror, Erotic Telepathy, the Romance Rotator, and 50 Shades of Experimenting.

Module 9 – When Sex Isn’t Possible – provides details on exactly how to keep the spark alive in your relationships when sex isn’t possible whether due to health or medical issues, separation by distance, etc.  Techniques include the No Touch Lay (for keeping things hot from a distance) and the Invisible Chastity Belt.

Module 10 – Dirty Talk Mastery – reinforces many of the techniques already revealed in the program and teaches you how these can be refined and how to overcome obstacles and/or objections from a man who is a “cold fish”.

Bonus Courses

The Language of Desire system also comes with three free complimentary bonuses:

bonus programs that come with the Language of Desire

Language of Desire comes with 3 free bonus programs.

Silent Seduction – an 11 page practical guide to using body language and other non-verbal cues to form a deeper connection with your man, both emotionally and sexually.

Done For You Texts – consists of more than 200 proven, ready-made text messages ranging from sweet to saucy you can use to ignite your man’s sexual desires and keep his interest focused entirely on you.

Unstoppable Confidence – An MP3 downloadable audio interview between two well-known relationship experts, Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold, who reveal the best ways to achieve greater self-confidence with men and how to get a man to remain loyal and dedicated to you.

Benefits Of The Language Of Desire Online Course

– This unique program goes well beyond just dirty talk words and phrases and provides proven solutions to issues that commonly arise relating to intimacy, sexual expression, and maintaining passion in a relationship. These techniques are not limited to the bedroom and can be used to improve your relationship as a whole.

It is designed to redefine commonly held attitudes towards men and sex and transform your whole attitude towards them while inspiring your man to give you what you need and want. In doing so, you will open yourself to a whole new world of intimacy, connection, and pleasure.

– None of the techniques or methods suggested in the Language of Desires program require women to compromise their beliefs or integrity at all. There are various examples provided which are suited for all women regardless of your comfort or confidence levels.  Techniques like the Boiled Frog help women who are less comfortable with dirty talk and sexual expression ramp things up slowly so they don’t feel awkward, embarrassed, or humiliated.

– The program is written for all women regardless of their age or the stage of their relationship. The information and knowledge contained in the Language of Desire can be utilized effectively in nearly all relationships regardless of whether you are in a long-term committed relationship, or just casually checking out the dating scene.

– The Language of Desire book is designed to demystify many of the preconceived notions many of us have developed growing up regarding men, sex, and common fears of expressing our wants and desires with our mate. It is well-structured, easy-to-follow, and above-all else is presented in a fun way. All of the information contained in the guide is easy to implement.

– Each Language of Desire module is accompanied by a downloadable MP3 audiobook so that if you are not a big fan of reading, you can easily access the course on your phone or other streaming devices and listen to the content on your daily commute or any time you like.

– After you buy Language of Desire, you receive access to its private kajabi membership portal where all of the course content can be accessed via a central dashboard. It is also home to the Language of Desire community, where you can share your trials and tribulations with other women who have purchased the program, ask questions, and get support as you navigate the sometimes tricky waters of a relationship.

This private member’s area is limited to only those women who have purchased the program and is accessible via your email address and a password.

– The entire program, bonuses, and lifetime access to the private member’s area is available for one affordable up-front fee. There are no ongoing or hidden costs that often accompany other relationship programs.

– A no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee comes standard when you purchase the Language of Desire from the official website. The information and methods used in the course can be implemented easily and immediately.

It’s quite safe to expect that you will obtain “noticeable” results well within the 60-day refund window which removes any risks involved in purchasing the program.  Either you like it and it works for you, or you get your money back via a simple refund process through Clickbank, a safe and secure payment processor that handles all monetary transactions for the Language of Desire course.

Things To Consider

– If you are shy, lack confidence, or have been reluctant to express your needs, desires, and fantasies to men previously, then there may be a period of adjustment required as Felicity walks you through the process of embracing your sexuality and stepping out of your comfort zone to obtain a better relationship both inside and outside of the bed sheets.

An open-mind, persistence, and patience may therefore be required before the techniques taught in the program start to become second nature.  Women who are overly prudish and completely uncomfortable with dirty talk or the thought of implementing the approaches described above should avoid the program.

– While Language of Desire is designed to foster long-term intimacy and passion in your marriage or relationship, that’s not to say that introducing the methods contained in the program will automatically cure every issue or dysfunction that might exist in a relationship.

Following the steps taught by Felicity may well be a great starting point or complement other steps a couple may be taking to address any such issues, but it is unrealistic to expect that it will solve every conceivable problem in a relationship.

– Similar to the last point, there is no magic pill that can be taken that will immediately transform your sex life and inject a new found passion in your relationship. The program takes effort and requires you to keep an open-mind if you are to achieve optimum results.  You must be willing to take action and implement the techniques you learn.

– Language of Desire is a digital product and is only available online through author Felicity Keith’s website.  It is not sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other traditional booksellers and no physical product will be shipped to you.  Access is immediate after purchase by logging into the member’s area.

Who Knew Talking Dirty Could Be So Much Fun?

Sexuality is the outward expression of how you feel about yourself on the inside. The ability to express your innermost thoughts, fantasies, desires, and needs is critical for nurturing intimacy in a relationship and promotes a union that is happier, healthier, more fun and fulfilling, and filled with surprises.

passion in the bedroom

Get your man hooked on you both physically and emotionally!

Once frowned upon in years gone by, societal attitudes have changed over the years and research has shown there is a direct correlation between relationship satisfaction and sexual expression inside and outside of the bedroom.

Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire course is a completely unique program which allows women to take charge of their sexuality without feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or awkward. It will transform your attitude towards men and sex while exposing you to a whole new world of intimacy, passion, and satisfaction.

As numerous real reviews and testimonials attest, the Language of Desire has already helped thousands of women and relationships in the short period of time since its release.  If the overwhelming response and positive customer reviews online are any indication, there are many “satisfied” women and men sharing a new intimacy and connection with one another.

The information contained in the program is insightful, invaluable, and the steps contained in it are easy-to-follow for any woman with the willingness to take action and try the techniques.

To the extent that you wish to be empowered by your own sexuality and obtain a genuine, honest, emotional, and physical connection with your partner in your current or future relationship, then the Language of Desire by Felicity Keith is one temptation you should not resist.

Where To Learn More

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