How To Get A Girlfriend If You Have Social Anxiety

The thought of getting a girlfriend when you have social anxiety as a man can be nerve wrecking. This is because social anxiety comes with one doubting his social adequacy alongside a fear of rejection and being told something wrong. Hence, knowing that you have a problem with social anxiety means that you will need treatment, but even after treatment you will still find that you remain behind in your approach to ladies. Hence, here are tips for how to get a girlfriend if you have social anxiety.

Tip #1: Talk while doing something else

goofingoffThe best way to overcome social anxiety and get a girlfriend is to practice talking to people while doing something else. It is notable that conversing with someone while engaging in an activity helps in making the conversation flow and allows you time to get something to talk about. Therefore, the activity will act as a distraction from the real thought of approaching her.

Tip #2: Make yourself comfortable

Asking a girl for friendship might seem a new thing to you and quite overwhelming. However, you need to make you comfortable by learning how to overcome your fears while talking to people in new situations. You will need to recognize when your body starts overreacting to her presence and calm yourself. Meditation and yoga exercises are some of the techniques that can help you a great deal in calming down in such situations and to prepare yourself to face the challenge with ease.

Tip #3: Avoid eye contact

When suffering from social anxiety, making eye contact with her can make your feel quite uncomfortable, and hence making you lose your flow of thoughts. In such a situation, it is essential that you avoid making direct eye contact with her, but rather look at her forehead. This will give an impression that you are looking at her, making you fool her and exhibit the impression of confidence and composure.

Tip #4: Suggest doing an activity together

It is also notable that when you have social anxiety and you want to approach her, you will likely be faced with the problem of loss of words. In such situations, you can suggest an activity that you can do together, particularly if it is someone you have known for a while. This way you can walk together, play a sport together, go shopping or go for regular workouts together. While doing that activity, you will find time to talk and ask for her friendship.


Don’t be afraid to ask for her friendship, use the above tips to assist you make an impression and win her over.

Updated: November 17, 2015 — 4:39 am