How To Get A Girl Attracted To You Sexually

sexual attraction

Be sexually irresistible to her!

Getting a girl attracted to you sexually isn’t much different than getting her romantically interested. The same things work, and the same things don’t work. If you have things right, getting a girl interested in you sexually will feel almost effortless and if you don’t, it will be a frustrating and futile pursuit.

What Doesn’t Work To Get A Girl Sexually Interested

Let’s start with what doesn’t work to get a girl interested in you sexually. First of all, let’s make the distinction between a girl that is ‘willing to go to bed with you’ with one that is ‘sexually attracted to you’.

Those are distinctly different things. Women might go to bed with a guy for any number of reasons, including boredom. They can’t ‘fake’ being sexually attracted to someone. The interpersonal chemistry between a man and a woman is either present or absent.

She doesn’t “choose” to be sexually attracted to you anymore than you “choose” to be sexually attracted to her. It’s not a choice; either you feel it or you don’t.

Anything that suggests you can turn a woman on and manipulate her desire for you by the things you have is worthless. This axiom includes advice from Internet Romeos who say that women want sex only with men who have money, a nice car, six pack abs, tattoos, or whatever. It also includes advice from ‘gurus’ who swear the only way to get women turned on is with ‘kino’, hypnosis, magic tricks, speech patterns, and any number of other downright silly gimmicks.

You Can’t Fake Being Sexy

So what’s the secret to get a girl attracted to you sexually? What works?

At the risk of being overly simplistic, the only way to get a woman sexually attracted to you is by being sexy. That’s the same basic concept that applies to being attractive, interesting, confident, or well-travelled.

You can’t fake it; you’ve got to breathe it, live it, and be it. And the same dichotomy that is at play in getting a woman romantically interested applies for attracting her sexually. The more time you spend scheming up ideas on ‘how to get her into bed’, the less likely you are to get her there.

Women find men who have a strong self-concept attractive both romantically and sexually. To have a strong self-concept requires qualities that you can’t fake: genuine confidence derived from living a life of purpose and passion is a good start.

Also important is living life on your own terms with a sense of integrity and authenticity. The trick is that you can’t earn these qualities by focusing on ‘getting chicks’, but once you have them, you’ll never again have a problem attracting women.

Focus On Yourself And Your Life

The only way to become a man possessing confidence, passion, and integrity is by turning your focus inward. Spend time developing yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Figure out what you want in life and how you want to live. Understand your values and ethical framework, and make your life congruent. When you reach the point that you’re happy with who you are and how you live, attracting women – romantically or sexually – will no longer be a problem.

Ultimately, the only way to get a woman sexually attracted to you is by being sexy. Being sexy means turning her on. If you don’t turn her on, she’ll never be attracted to you sexually.

Being sexy is a function of who you are, not what you have or what ‘technique’ you’re using. Once you become the fully actualized man, that’s what you’ll radiate.

A man with an aura of confidence, self-respect, passion, and experience is sexy. That sexiness is irresistible to a woman.


Updated: November 13, 2015 — 4:38 am