5 Surprising Benefits Of Online Dating No One Talks About

Online dating has many obvious benefits that range from convenience to being able to accurately access the compatibility of your potential date before you meet them in person. Online dating also makes it easier to date beyond boundaries, social circles and race. Although online dating is scary to most people, I really encourage my single clients to try it out.

I understand the cons of online dating better than most people however, I still view it as a better form of dating today (compared to traditional dating) because you have much more to gain. In this article, we won’t dwell on the obvious benefits of online dating but rather the surprising benefits of online dating most people don’t know about.

1. You Get To Learn More About Yourself And Your Strengths

couplewithlaptopOnline dating websites require you to fill up your profile before you can start using the site. This process is usually hard for many people however, it helps you discover yourself better. You will find yourself thinking how you should portray your strengths without coming out as arrogant. You may also find yourself thinking about the best way to capture your essence in just a few sentences or paragraphs. In a nutshell, the entire process of writing your profile will go a long way in helping you discover who you
truly are as a person. Traditional dating doesn’t offer that.

2. You Gain Clarity On Exactly What You Need/Want From A Potential Partner

Let’s face it! Although most people have overall preferences when it comes to choosing partners, very few people know what they really want. It is important to note that online dating profiles are extremely conclusive. You will be required to fill in everything from your personal likes and what you want in a potential partner to the things you can sacrifice and your deal breakers. You will therefore have better clarity on what you want as opposed to finding out later as is the case with traditional dating.

3. You Get To Explore Your Possibilities

Many people who suffer serious breakups tend to have problems dating again due to a number of things.  For instance, you may start thinking you aren’t good enough or your standards are too high forcing yourself to compromise on things you shouldn’t compromise. Online dating simplifies dating and gives you numerous possibilities.  Considering there are over 7 billion people in the planet, finding the right
person for you becomes less confined and stressful.

4. Online Dating Can Boost Your Confidence Immensely

Having tonnes of messages from potential dates online can boost your confidence immensely especially when you thought no one else would be interested in you after your breakup. You will more often than not get many date requests if you fill in your profile as required. Online dating can therefore go a long way in boosting your confidence to levels that can’t be reached by traditional dating. For instance, talking to someone online is less daunting compared to meeting up with someone in person in a coffee shop where you have to worry about your conversation skills.

5. You Could Very Well End Up With Your Best Friend

I met my partner online (True story). She is definitely the most special person in my life right now. This is of the main reasons why I am a strong advocate of online dating. We clicked immediately because we had a lot of things in common. We became the best of friends and now she is my partner for life.

Although you might not be looking for a lifelong partner right now, you stand to meet a very special person online more like a really good friend who is hard to come by today. It’s therefore a win-win situation. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Updated: September 18, 2014 — 4:24 am